Coming Dec 2023

The Granville Island Maple Syrup Caper

Solve a syrupy conundrum in Vancouver's arts, cultural and foodie hotspot


Start Time

10am-7pm, Mon-Sun
~2 hours plus optional break


Liberty Distillery, Granville Island, Vancouver

Single Team

2-5 players

Multi Team

per team

Your Adventure

Delight in the sights, savour the flavours and glory in the stories of Granville Island on our very latest Vancouver adventure. Solve 10 clues as you meander through its market, tread its boardwalks and journey through its history.

And that’s not all my dear Outspotters, because Sherwood Holmes, the great-grandson of Sherlock himself, needs your help…

Never mind the whisky. Forget the diamonds. Maple syrup is the new criminal currency, and Sherwood has tracked a missing shipment to a Granville Island warehouse.

But the stolen elixir was boobytrapped and Sherwood’s in a sticky situation. Entering the warehouse, he stepped on a pressure sensor… if he moves the explosion will coat the Island in a sugary treacle.

Sherwood’s relying on you, my dear Outspotters, to disarm the weaponized syrup and save him from a syrupy fate.

As you solve the clues, you’ll immerse yourselves in this unique corner of the city, from sandy beginnings to its rise as a marine and industrial centre through to reinvention as one of Vancouver’s arts, food and cultural hotspots.

But before the caper is over, can you piece together the code and rescue this sticky situation? The game is afoot!

Coming Dec 2023

No knowledge of Granville Island or maple syrup needed. Just bring sharp eyes, comfy shoes and your mobile phone.

I think it’s an absolutely brilliant concept… entertaining and interesting!

– Kath Wade, Vancouver, BC